Talent shouldn’t be limited by your background

By removing the barriers that block ambition, scholarships give time and space for students to focus on why they chose to come to Bath. They help to bring bright ideas to light. They gift a sense of belief and achievement. And they see our scholars become some of our most ambitious graduates.

Take Steph. Despite doing well in her GCSEs, she wasn’t encouraged to go to university. After one year of sixth form, and three years working in McDonalds, she was left her reconsidering her future.

Thanks to an Access to Higher Education course, and a scholarship, Steph is now studying for a Psychology degree at the University of Bath. And she hasn’t looked back since.

Steph has now completed two summer internships with Lloyd’s Banking group and is hoping to start a career in HR after she graduates.

There are many students like Steph, for whom a scholarship has made all the difference.

KieranSuch as Kieran. He left school at 16 and worked in the catering industry for eight years. He enjoyed working with people but wanted to do something meaningful.

Everything fell into place when I found out I had been awarded a scholarship”

He’s now on the path to becoming a social worker.

Give our students a golden opportunity to thrive.

Graduates from the most disadvantaged backgrounds can today expect to leave university with debts of up to £70,000. And research shows these graduates go on to earn less than peers from high-income families – even when studying the same course, in the same place.

That’s why we have launched Gold Scholarships.

Gold Scholarships give students most in need the very best possible chance to thrive. But it’s much more than financial help.

As well as the security of an annual £5,000 bursary to help with living costs while at University, Gold Scholarships ensure that students have the vital skills and connections they need to succeed beyond their degree.

We match them with alumni mentors, help them to find the best summer internships and provide opportunities for personal development. Part of this development comes through their commitment to complete 50 hours of volunteering each year, giving them the opportunity to learn and grow at the same time as giving something back.

It’s a golden opportunity.

And we want to see as many students as possible benefit. That’s why, every year, with your help, we aim to create 50 Gold Scholarships.

And to make sure we support as many students as possible, we’ll be matching every gift we receive from you. Every £1 you give will become £3 to support those students who are most in need — and even more if you choose Gift Aid.

Please help our students to look further than ever before, by joining with other alumni in making a gift to support Gold Scholarships.