“You have changed my life”

Bath graduate Dr Ben MetcalfeMeet Dr Ben Metcalfe. First class graduate, researcher, scholarship recipient and now working as a Lecturer and researcher at the University of Bath.

Ben couldn’t have afforded to study, let alone succeed at Bath, without a scholarship.

After graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering, he knew he wanted to go further. And thanks to another alumni-funded scholarship, that’s what he did.

“I am so grateful. You have changed my life in a way that I never thought imaginable.

Ben’s research helps people with spinal cord injuries, the vast majority of whom have serious loss of bladder control. That’s because the billions of nerve cells that send messages to and from the brain become damaged and start to degenerate.

His PhD explored ways to regain movement and sensation, following this kind of nerve damage. He has invented electronic implants that synthetically replicate the messages that nerve cells normally send. The results of his work are potentially life-changing. Ben is now passing on what he’s learned to other bright young engineers here at Bath.

“One day I hope to invest in the students of the future in the same way that you have invested in me.”

Ben has got to where he is today thanks to his talent, determination and hard work. But he wouldn’t be here at all without the support of generous alumni who spotted his potential and nurtured it.