Building Futures

Our university community is growing. And fast.

Take a tour. Our first building, 4 South, opened its doors to a hundred or so undergraduates 50 years ago. Today, we are over 17,000 strong. Our campus reaches from the top of the hill into our beautiful city, across to London and increasingly around the globe.

Attracting more and more bright minds to Bath naturally means that we need more space. Creative places where students can come together for discussion. World-class lab equipment to help our researchers explore and discover.

An environment that makes Bath one of the best in the world. And keeps us there too.



Providing a better learning and working experience today will help us to ensure a lasting legacy for our community tomorrow. And we know how to get it right – by investing carefully in the infrastructure and kit that creates the right environment for the right minds.

Take a look at The Edge, our community centre for the Arts, or our architect plans for the Milner Centre – the UK’s first Centre for evolutionary research.

Visit our new teaching spaces for psychology, engineering and policy research. Drop by our new base in London. Or look out for us in the centre of Bath where we’re turning the old police station into a cutting edge study centre so that our students have a great learning experience, wherever they are.