Tomorrow’s Leaders

Bright ideas come from bright minds. Here at Bath, a Top 10 university, we attract the very brightest.


Right from the word go, the nurturing support that we provide to our students, both in and out of the classroom, brings out the very best in people – and the very best ideas too.

It’s what makes us see things differently.

Walk through our campus and you’ll see electronic engineers working with pharmacy scholars and computer scientists and politics students teaming up with health researchers.

Firing, shaping and sharing ideas. Solving the problems we all face, together. They are the leaders and prize winners of tomorrow.

Our University is absolutely a meeting place of exceptional minds.



“Our doctoral students are bright, highly educated, committed, and engaged in their research. We need to be able to attract and fund the very best people to come to do their doctoral studies here at Bath, and being in a position to offer funding for their studies is an essential part of that.”

Professor Jonathan Knight, Pro–Vice–Chancellor (Research)