Invest in creative and innovative spaces

The right space can make all the difference

Take a look at The Edge, our thriving community centre for the Arts. Or the Milner Centre, the UK’s first hub for evolutionary research. Come and visit our new teaching spaces in psychology, engineering and policy research. Drop in to our new base in London’s Pall Mall. And look out for us in the heart of town here, where we’re turning Bath’s old police station into a cutting edge study centre so that our students have a great learning experience, wherever they are.


The Milner Centre for Evolution

Your support helps to make this happen. Providing innovative and creative spaces. The right environment and the right kit for bright minds to flourish. You’ve refurbished labs, invested in specialist science kit, created spaces where entrepreneurs can thrive and built student support centres. From an individual study room to a multi million investment in a Centre to help us understand life on earth, every single investment makes an enormous impact.


“Success breeds success. As a philanthropist you want your money to have as much impact as you can possibly get – that’s why I’m so pleased that the University is the home for my gift. I’d already sponsored three PhD studentships which were very successful. The big vision is that we have a centre that is going to be the best in Europe – and we hope the best in the world”

Dr Jonathan Milner, Biology graduate and £5m investor in the Milner Centre for Evolution Research