Investing in bright minds and bright ideas

Deciding what, and where, to study shouldn’t go hand in hand with finding a part time job. But all too often students end up focusing on the finances, instead of the next discovery.

Talent is not, and should not be, limited by your background. That’s why we’re proud of our reputation for philanthropically funded scholarships.

Whether it’s a dream to be a social worker, a passion to row at the next Olympics or a determination to win a Nobel Prize for cancer research, we want to see all potential given the opportunity to thrive.

We’ve enabled over a thousand bright minds to benefit so far. Helping to removing the barriers that block their ambition and filling the gaps where no other support exists. Giving time and space for students to focus on why they chose to come to Bath.

Undergraduate scholarships – supporting the brightest minds most in need

Sports scholarships – enabling students to pursue their sporting dreams, as well as their studies

Arts scholarships – nurturing remarkable artistic talent

Masters, PhDs and Fellowships  – Giving the freedom for researchers to follow their passion after graduation. Launching careers and supporting potential Noble Prize winners.

Supporting a scholarship doesn’t only bring bright ideas to light. It gifts a sense of belief, achievement and ambition which makes our scholars among some of our most ambitious graduates – helping them to look further than they could have ever done before.