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Building bridges with alumni and friends in the USA

As many of you will have read from her blog post, there were many highlights from the Vice-Chancellor’s visit to New York in September, including a fruitful meeting of the University of Bath US Foundation Board.

The US Foundation seeks to capitalise on the close ties between the University and our alumni and friends in the USA. Eight alumni volunteer their time as Board members, with many being long-standing supporters of the University. At the latest meeting, which the Vice-Chancellor chaired, the Board agreed grants totalling over $275,000 to support projects across the University.

Projects which received specific support included:

• Research into ethical mining by Dr Roy Maconachie from the Department of Social & Policy Sciences
• A research project in mathematical sciences linking Bath with leading universities internationally
• A scholarship to encourage women to pursue postgraduate research in Maths
• The University’s groundbreaking new Gold Scholarships programme
• Entrepreneurial placements in the School of Management

The Board Directors also gave support to two programmes to attract outstanding US postgraduate students to Bath on sports and academic scholarships.

Finally, the Foundation awarded $10,000 to support the work of our Global Chairs. This programme attracts academcis with a global reputation who can enhance our collaborations and foster long-term research partnerships. The most recent Global Chair was Professor Michael Purugannan, who spent two months on campus this summer at our Milner Centre for Evolution . Having now returned to his role as Dean of Science at New York University, he’s continuing to develop colaborative research projects with Proferssor Laurence Hurst and his colleagues here in Bath.

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