Apply for an Alumni Fund Grant

Do you have a great project that could benefit from an Alumni Fund Grant? There’s still time – the deadline for submitting applications is Thursday 25 January.

Alumni Fund Grants support projects across campus, from SU clubs and societies to ground-breaking research, with grants anything from a few hundred to thousands of pounds. The Alumni Fund Panel are looking for innovative and engaging projects that improve the student experience and help to make the world a better place.

Find out more about the Fund and how to apply. Or if you have any last minute questions about your application, please get in touch with the Alumni Relations team on x6821.

Here are just three of the projects to have received Alumni Fund support last year:

Brain tumour research

Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common type of brain tumour in adults. Fewer than one in 10 people live longer than five years after diagnosis, and the lack of advancement in treatment options in the last decade has emphasised an urgent need to find novel therapies.

Scientists in our Department for Biology & Biochemistry have discovered a novel enzyme important for cell growth and proliferation, which could have the potential to become a game-changing treatment for GBM.

An Alumni Fund Grant is helping the team collect more data on GBM cells and clinical samples. This will then help them to begin working towards innovative drug targeting and therapies that could rapidly benefit brain tumour patients.

Wheelchair Basketball

Out of the 49 sports currently available at Bath, wheelchair basketball is the only specific disability sport on offer. Able-bodied and disabled students compete and play together at a social and competitive level, and in this last year alone, around 50 students tried the sport for the first time.

A full squad of 12 went on to represent the University at the BWB National Championships, coached by a current GB Junior athlete. The team placed fourth against universities who have recognised wheelchair basketball athletes – an outstanding achievement for a team that has only existed for three years.

The team received an Alumni Fund Grant to invest in a set of 12 new wheelchairs.

Green Bath Racing

Every year a group of engineering students, undergraduate and postgraduate, work together to design and build an ultra-efficient vehicle. The project forms part of the third year students Group Business and Design Project and counts towards 30 credits for their degrees.

The team have been the UK’s highest placed team at the European Shell Eco-marathon event in London, which attracts over 200 school and university teams and 18,000 spectators.

An Alumni Fund Grant is helping students to develop the prototype vehicle for the 2017-18 season.

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