BA2 is back!

And it’s brighter than ever.

The latest issue of BA2 magazine for alumni and friends is out now, packed with news and features about our students, our research and our alumni community.

In it we go back 66 million years to the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs, and forward to 2020 to glimpse what IAAPS – our new clean vehicle research facility – might look like.

And there’s plenty more to get your teeth into as well.

Find out what happened when one of our graduates came back to campus to meet his former tutor. Read honorary graduate Jenson Button’s answers to questions from students, staff and alumni. And meet a student who grew up just a few miles away from campus, and overcame the odds thanks to a scholarship.

Rachel Skerry, Alumni Communications Manager, says: “We’d like to thank all the students, staff and alumni who helped us put this issue together. We hope you enjoy it.”

Read BA2 online, or pick up a copy from the Library or the Edge from today.

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