Lloyds Scholars Kieran Smith and Becky Hawke

Our Impact: it’s people who make the difference

Every year, in our Impact Report, we take the opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved together thanks to your support.

This year, our round up celebrates the strength of our community. How people are at the heart of everything we do, from the nurturing environment we create for our students to the value we place on collaborative research.

Read on to meet six exceptional young people and hear how the support of alumni and friends has changed their lives. They represent our community at its very best.

“I am so grateful. You have changed my life in a way that I never thought imaginable”

Ben woBath graduate Dr Ben Metcalfeuldn’t have gone to university without a scholarship. Now he’s working to help people with spinal injuries recover movement and sensation.

He’s beginning life as an academic here at Bath, pushing the boundaries of his research and passing on what he’s learned to other bright young engineers.

Ben got to where he is today thanks to his extraordinary talent, determination and hard work. But he wouldn’t be here at all without generous people who spotted his potential and nurtured it. He has more than repaid their faith in him.


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