Record number sign the Rolls of Honour

This year, a record 15 new members were welcomed to the Rolls of Honour lists, which recognise all those who have made exceptional gifts to the University. We celebrated their support at Corrigan’s Mayfair in London on 25 May 2017, where guests signed the Rolls of Honour with the Vice-Chancellor.

In attendance was Professor Kevin Edge – alumnus, academic and former Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University (pictured above). When asked why he feels it’s important to give back to Bath, Kevin said: “I can honestly say that you only have to listen and talk to even a few of the students who have benefited from financial support, to understand how this can transform their lives for the better and, in turn, how that may beneficially transform the lives of others.”

Contributions from friends and alumni like Kevin afford students a greater experience at Bath and funds scholarships that help even more students to succeed. Gifts also support ground-breaking research discoveries, from making transportation of vaccines safer to helping people with spinal injuries regain sensation.

Alumnus Tim Ford is among those who has shown significant contributions to our research efforts, supporting the vaccines project. The Vice President for Downstream Customer Operations at Shell said:

“It’s a gift that supports the education of others, sparks new ideas and could lead to the betterment of society.”

As we approach the end of our 50th year, we recognise that the University is built on the successes and ambitions of our students, our researchers and our donors.

“Thank you to each of you for your very generous support of Bath,” said the Vice-Chancellor. “Our many achievements are very much enhanced by philanthropic support such as yours.”

Rolls of Honour
Alumnus Tim Ford signs the Rolls of Honour with the Vice-Chancellor

We welcomed the following new members:

ViceChancellor’s Roll of Honour

Dr Alan Cotton

David Embleton

Tim Ford

Nick Hynes

Andrew McIntyre

Richard Roberts

Dean’s Roll of Honour

Professor Kevin Edge

David Evans

Christine and Michael Gibbons

Mark Hawkesworth

Gareth Hamilton-Fletcher

Professor Christopher Jones and Sally Jones

Nick Simpson

Paul Jackson on behalf of The Hospital Saturday Fund

Keith Woodley OBE on behalf of F M Muller Trust


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