Supporting young researchers

Two Bath students are celebrating the chance to continue their studies at PhD level, thanks to a generous gift from alumnus Roger Whorrod OBE and his wife Sue.

Long-term donors to the University, Roger and Sue have pledged £450,000 to provide opportunities to young researchers through a competitive programme of PhD studentships. Previous awards have been made to researchers in Chemistry and Civil Engineering and the projects they have chosen to support this year are based in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences.

The successful students, Bethany Carr and Kathrin Lauber, are both graduates of the Department of Psychology. Bethany is currently studying for an MSc in Applied Clinical Psychology, and Kathrin recently completed an MSc in Health Psychology.

Bethany’s project, supervised by Dr Punit Shah, aims to improve training and employment opportunities for people with autism, by examining the psychological strengths of autistic people and the benefits these can bring to employers. The research will link to our on-going partnership with J.P. Morgan, who are working with our Centre for Applied Autism Research to encourage more graduates with autism into the workplace.

Bethany said: “Thanks to the generous support of Roger and Sue Whorrod, I am delighted to begin my PhD in October and to continue my time here at the University of Bath.”

Kathrin Lauber will be working with Professor Anna Gilmore, Director of the Tobacco Control Research Group in the Department for Health, to understand the way that the food and soda industries influence health policy.

Kathrin said of her award: “I would like to express my gratitude to Sue and Roger Whorrod for enabling me to pursue my passion and for supporting the important work of the Tobacco Control Research Group. It is an incredible honour to have been chosen as one of the recipients of the Whorrod Studentships.”

Left to right: Professor Anna Gilmore, Kathrin Lauber, Bethany Carr and Dr Punit Shah

Roger said of the applications for this year’s award:

“Sue and I were amazed at the diversity and excellence of the bids for our 2018 PhD scholarships and it was hard to choose just one to support. We felt that both the projects we chose addressed important societal issues and had the potential to generate real impact for the University.

“Furthermore, the supervisors had identified current Bath students with great research potential, which was an important consideration for us. We look forward to being able to follow the progress of this year’s projects.”  

Both Bethany and Kathrin will begin their PhD studies in autumn 2018.


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