Making futures brighter

Every year, more and more of the brightest students who would otherwise struggle to make ends meet get a chance to study with us. Our high achieving scholars range from elite athletes to the researchers of the future.

Thanks to our alumni and friends, over one thousand students have now received a scholarship which has given them the chance to achieve their best at Bath.


Steph Calley, Lloyds Scholar, BSc Psychology

“My father has Steph Calleybattled cancer, two strokes and a heart attack, and his mental and physical health is now deteriorating. Your support reduces my need for paid work, giving me more time with my father, as well as concentrating on my studies at Bath. I was told that University was ‘not an option’ for me when I was at school. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

Prisca Awiti-Alcarez, King Scholar, Sport (Sports Performance)Prisca

“Judo requires a lot of expensive equipment and on top of that, travelling all around the world for self-funded competitions makes it very hard to stay at a high level in the sport unless given sponsorship or funding along the way. This is why I’m so grateful to have received a scholarship from the University of Bath. This scholarship will allow me to attend many international events which are vital for me to gain the world ranking points I need to qualify for and compete at the Junior European Championships.”

Scarlet Milo, Annett Charitable Trust PhD Scholar, Chemistry

“I feel very privilegeScarlet2d to have been given the opportunity to join the fight against antibiotic resistance. Although the impact of your donation on my life has been massive, the ultimate impact of this generous funding will undoubtedly improve the lives of patients in the future. Thank you very much to the Annett Trust.”

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