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The Alumni Fund. Inspiring projects and people

We achieve great things thanks to the support of our alumni community. Our Alumni Fund has kick-started ideas, big and small, expanded horizons, and helped a generation of Bath students pack in a lifetime of new experiences.

In November, a panel of alumni donors, student sabbatical officers and University staff, awarded over £200,000 of donations made to the Alumni Fund to support projects across the University, including:

Going for Gold

To ensure that the best and brightest can continue to come to Bath, the Alumni Fund will support more than 40 students a year through scholarships, including 10 new Gold Scholarships.

Our Gold Scholars will not only receive financial support. They will also get help to make those vital connections they will need to succeed beyond their degree. We will match them with alumni mentors, help them to find the best summer internships and provide opportunities for personal development. This will include gaining skills through 50 hours of volunteering each year, and acting as future mentors for incoming students.

“Our new SIM Man will enable even more of our students to practise making treatment decisions, administering medication in an authentic clinical environment. Thank you!”

Putting theory into practice

SIM Man and Students
SIM Man and Students

A grant was awarded to the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology to support the purchase of a new 3G simulation mannequin or SIM Man. The new SIM Man will be a significant addition to the simulation teaching equipment and will enable even more students to practise making treatment decisions, administering medication in an authentic clinical environment, and enhancing their preparation for practice.

Lyn Hanning, Direcotr of Practice Based Learning, says: “On behalf of all our students, we would like to thank our alumni for making such a generous contribution towards the purchase of this vital new piece of equipment.”

Developing talent

The Elite Athlete Fund received an award to help its high performing students travel and compete internationally, representing both the University of Bath and their country.

Team Bath Electric, the University’s student-run electric racing team, received a grant to support investment in new batteries for their car. Over the next two to four years, the team aims to become the best student electric racing team in the country, and help team members develop the skills to create cutting-edge electric vehicles of the future.

“Thanks to the generosity of alumni like you, it has been possible to support all these projects, and many, many more.”



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