Top marks for graduating Lloyds Scholars

The University’s first cohort of 15 Lloyds Scholars graduated in a special ceremony in London on 10 October.

They joined around 100 students who have just graduated from seven of Lloyds Banking Group’s other university partners, to celebrate their achievements with family and friends.

Lloyds Scholar Angie Fuller with her mum
Lloyds Scholar Angie Fuller with her mum

Bath BBA graduate Angie Fuller had an extra reason to celebrate, as she was awarded the prestigious Chief Executive’s Challenge Prize, worth £2,000.

She said: “I really enjoyed being a Lloyds Scholar and feel that the skills and experiences I gained from the programme will give me a great start in my career. Winning the Chief Executive’s Challenge was a wonderful way to cap my graduating from the programme.”

Angie was judged on the quality of a special project she undertook during her internship.

“My report included recommendations on Lloyds Banking Group’s Helping Britain Prosper Plan to further improve social mobility regarding gender equality targets in businesses and low-income background students attending universities, as well as increasing investment in social housing and ‘green’ SMEs, “ she said. “All the initiatives proposed were well researched and made with market trends, potential risks and stakeholder interests in mind.”

“The skills and experiences I gained from the programme will give me a great start in my career.”

Lucy Crisp, Acting Head of Corporate Partnerships at the University, said: “We’re very proud of our graduating Lloyds Scholars. The Scholars have completed hundreds of hours of volunteering, making a real contribution to Bath’s community whilst also achieving excellent marks in their degrees. We are particularly proud of Angie for receiving additional well-earned recognition for her award.

“The programme has a great impact on talented young students from lower-income households, encourage and reward outstanding academic performance and involvement within the community. We thank Lloyds Banking Group for their continued support of the programme.”

Eleven out of our 15 Lloyds Scholars graduated with first class degrees. Well done to all of you!

Find out about Steph, one of our current Lloyds Scholars, in this short video.

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