Watch Steph’s story

From Odd Down to Claverton Down, thanks to a scholarship.

University isn’t something people like Steph normally do. Or at least that’s what she thought.

Now a final year Psychology student and scholar, watch this video to see what changed her mind.

Growing up in Odd Down, just outside Bath’s World Heritage boundary, Steph had a very different experience of the city to many of our students.

“People think that Bath is all Downton Abbey,” she tells BA2 magazine.

“They assume everyone lives somewhere like the Crescent, with lots of money. I lived in a small, two-bedroomed house on a council estate, where there were kids with ASBOs on my street and cars would get nicked. So it’s not how people perceive it.”

But after one year of sixth form and three years working in McDonalds, Steph was left reconsidering her future. It wasn’t until she bumped into a friend in the pub, who told her she was going to do an Access to Higher Education course that university became a real possibility….

Read Steph’s full story in the latest BA2 magazine from page 22, and if you’d like to share the video on social media, please do so.

Find out more about how Gold Scholarships can help more students like Steph.

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